Char Dham Travel Tips

  • Change of place, climatic conditions and food can lead to throat sore. Gurgle with hot water with pinch of salt to avoid enhancement of infection. Keep some throat soothing lozenges with you.
  • Food-wise anything that is boiled, cooked or fried is a safer bet than anything cold or raw. So avoid cold salads, raw vegetables, drinks with ice etc.
  • If you are carrying Digital Camera or Handy cam, do carry extra pair of battery, as there is no guarantee if there is electricity for charging you equipment.
  • A small torch is essential equipment as lights can go off at any time.
  • When asking for directions, speak to shopkeepers, not pedestrians. Check with at least two persons or more.
  • Do not take pictures if cameras are not allowed in any particular area. Do not play with the sentiments of any particular religion.
  • Carry personal toilet items, they are very useful during the breaks in long journey of Char Dham.
  • At least a month before the Yatra, it is advisable to start preparatory exercises: Even a brisk walk of about 4 to 5 km per day would be beneficial.
  • Pack a medical kit with painkillers, antibiotics, cough lozenges and medicines for cold and fever.
  • Always carry a raincoat and an umbrella during travel
  • Ensure that your luggage is waterproof
Essentials for Tour
  • Woolen Cap
  • Woolen Gloves
  • Sweater/Pullover
  • Wind Cheater
  • One Bed Sheet
  • Canvas Shoes
  • Woolen Socks - two pairs
  • Torch with extra pairs of Battery
Medical Essentials
  • Iodex / Volini
  • Gel Vicks Ointment for cold
  • Painkiller tablet
  • Sunglasses
  • Moisturizer, Body Lotion or Cold Cream
  • Bandage
  • Anticeptic Ointment
  • Doctor prescribed medicine if you have B.P problem