Har Ki Pauri

A major pilgrimage attraction in Haridwar, the holy city of Uttarnchal is Har Ki Pauri. On the banks of Ganga, Har Ki Pauri has come to symbolise and become a major landmark of the city. Every evening thousands of locals, pilgrims and tourists gather on its banks to perform, watch and admire the evening arti, the praise sung in respect of they holiest of all rivers, River Ganga.

The Ghat
Every day, Har Ki Pauri ghat witnesses hundreds taking a dip in water of Ganga here. The place is so famous and considered so auspicious ghat no one wants to miss in it on his trip to Haridwar, infact no pilgrim leaves Haridwar without paying a visit t the Ghat. Literally meaning, the Har means Lord Vishnu and paudi meaning steps. The place has a large footprint of lord Vishnu here and hence it came to be known as Har Ki Pauri.

Ganga Aarti in Har Ki Pauri Ghat
This is the most amazing spectacle on can see on his tour to Uttaranchal. As the evening turns into night, thousands gather on both the banks of the holiest of all rivers, river Ganga to sing its praises. The priest hold large fire bowls in their hands, the gongs in the temples at the Ghat start ringing and the chants flowing out of lips fill the air. What follows is even more soul touching. People float earthen diyas, with burning flickers and flowers in them as a symbol of hope and wishes in then warer and the water instantly shines golden within the flames.

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