Heritage Hotels in Haridwar

Haridwar Haveli Hari Ganga is the major hotel of heritage. The Haveli Hotel was established 90 years ago by Maharaja of Pilbhit. This hotel is located on the bank of the holy Ganga River. The hotel avails world-class services and facilities. The hotel is decorated with the splendid modern things. The hotel provides all comforts and amenities to the guests. The other heritage hotel in Haridwar is the Stately Hotel Classic Residency. The services provided by the hotel and the spectacular rooms and the well behavior with the guests attract the tourists fluently here. Hotel Gyan also a heritage hotel in Haridwar with all modern facilities for the pilgrims.

Hotel Haveli Hari Ganga 90 years ago by the Maharaja of Pilbhit, Haveli Hari Ganga in Haridwar is an exquisitely maintained heritage property by the Department of Tourism, Government of India.
Traiff Start: INR 4000/-